The Collection

The Collection of Hermann and Margrit Rupf is quite unique. The couple were the first Swiss private collectors to engage intensely with abstract art and they collected according to personal criteria in the same period as that art was emerging (from 1907 onwards). The collection includes, among other things, wonderful groups of works by Fauve artists (Friesz and Derain), the Cubists (Braque, Picasso, Gris and Léger) and works by Klee, Kandinsky and Masson. The art dealer Daniel–Henry Kahnweiler played a major role in their collection activities and was a friend of Hermann Rupf's throughout his life.

In 1954 the collection — about 250 works and numerous art books — was entrusted to the Kunstmuseum Bern and formed into a Foundation. Today, the foundation's collection contains more than 900 works (paintings, sculptures and works on paper).